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Babel Subtitling
& Babel Central

A tale deserves everyone's understanding

For more than 10 years, Babel Subtitling has been helping writers, producers and broadcasters with their audiovisual translations. We are here to provide you with active support, whatever your specific needs or sector.

Who are we?

At Babel Subtitling, we subtitle and translate your film, theatre play, opera or audiovisual programme with respect

Our priority is to respect the meaning, the use of language (the choice of words) and the presentation. In other words, the appropriate tailoring of your message and the narrative of the programme.

Our strengths: a team of subtitlers translating in their mother tongues and a project management approach that focuses on the production and its specificities. Our shared passion for this profession binds us together and enables us to be very flexible.

Your specific needs or sector: In 2019, Babel Central was created to meet the specific needs of audiovisual projects in Brussels, particularly concerning the eligibility of expenses with Screen Brussels. Babel Subtitling is eligible with Wallimage.



Our subtitles reflect both the rhythm and the meaning of the message. All the elements of your production are taken into account.


We adapt your programmes for audiences with hearing impairments. With more than 10 years of experience, we are trusted by the target audience.

Semi-direct subtitling

Do you need additional languages with your image for your unique screening? Are you organising a film festival? Are you going to surtitle your play? We can project surtitles / subtitles during your event.


Do you have a script to translate before starting a co-production? A note of intent or a character description for your funding application?
We also provide translations for all documents relating to your audiovisual production.

Added value

When creation is synonymous with rigour and demands, subtitling must reflect this commitment

Ergonomics: The rhythm of the subtitles is as important as the quality of the translation. It is factored into the preparation of the files using appropriate structuring. This helps to set the scene for your programme in writing.

Exactitude: Thanks to our 10 years of experience, we can help you achieve your expectations by providing you with the specific needs of your work within the sector of your activity.

Methodology: Word choice is what sets our mother-tongue subtitlers apart. The translations are made and revised by native speakers of the target language AND proofread by native speakers of the source language. Our quotations automatically include translation and text segmentation, though we can work from your first translation (after verifying its quality).

Flexibility: We can subtitle on the basis of a transcript that you have produced or that we produce ourselves. However, our subtitlers can also work from the raw audiovisual file. Adapting our deadlines to the needs of the production is possible.

Our favourite: Going that extra mile—a subtitle simulation session or a rehearsal, whether it is in Liège or Brussels—is all it takes to achieve a tailor-made result. It offers the occasion for the authors and/or the producer to meet the translators.

Some collaborations


    Babel Subtitling and Babel Central are eligible for Wallimage, and the Belgian Tax Shelter